Lego unveils their first disabled figurine today

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Whizz-Kidz is very excited that Lego have created their first ever disabled model. Pictures of the new Lego character, a young man using a wheelchair, have spread like wildfire across the internet since they were taken at the at the Nuremberg toy fair in Germany.  

We believe that Lego's announcement is an important step forward to help increase the visibility of disabled people, but we know there a is lot more to be done to better include disabled people in society.

George Fielding, 20 and Chair of the Whizz-Kidz Kidz Board said:

'I used to enjoy playing with Lego when I was younger but I never had a character that I really related to or one that I felt represented me as a wheelchair user. I'm so pleased to hear about Lego's new disabled model because it means that young disabled people growing up now, might feel more included and represented.

'But crucially, I think that the release of Lego's disabled figurine will not only mean that young wheelchair users feel more represented, but these toys will also be played by non-disabled children. This will help to introduce disability to non-disabled people from a young age and help to educate them and completely normalize disability through play.

Photograph: Promobricks‘Charities like Whizz-Kidz, who have supported me since I was five, are doing a great job to improve the visibility of disabled people in society, but there is still a lot more to be done. I want to see greater representation of disabled people in every aspect of life, as well as toys.'

Whizz-Kidz works with thousands of wheelchair users across the UK to provide them with equipment, training and opportunities to become confident and independent. You can find out more about our services for young disabled people

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