What was Whizz-Kidz’s income in 2014?

Whizz-Kidz managed to raise £6.4M in 2014, more than 80% of this was from voluntary sources, including trusts, companies and individuals.

How much did Whizz-Kidz spend in 2014?

Whizz-Kidz spent £7M in 2014, of which more than 70% was spent on our services for wheelchair users and their families.

How much is spent on fundraising?

We rely on donations for the majority of our funding, so investing money in fundraising activities every year to fund services now and in the future is really important to our sustainability. In 2014, for every £1 we received, we spent 28p on fundraising, meaning we were able to spend 72p in every £1 on our services to transform the lives of disabled children.

What amount of Whizz-Kidz expenditure went towards the day-to-day running of the organisation?

As a charity we have management and support costs, which ensure the smooth running of the organisation. In 2014, 15% of our expenditure went towards central administration, finance, human resources and IT.

What is Whizz-Kidz Social Return on Investment? 

Whizz-Kidz generates between £10 and £65 for every £1 invested, according to leading economic experts, Frontier Economics, who carried out an independent report on the Social Return on Investment generated by Whizz-Kidz‘s services.

How does Whizz-Kidz offer good value for donors?

As an organisation we strive to be as efficient as we can, to keep our processes lean and make every penny count.  You can find out more about Whizz-Kidz’s finances by reading our Annual Accounts (opens in new window).