A very Welsh goodbye

Josh by Josh
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My name is Josh, I’m 21 and I’ve represented Wales on the the Kidz Board for over two years. During this time I have supported Whizz-Kidz services in the region, and taken part in several campaigns. I was part of a group of young people who petitioned the Welsh Assembly in 2017 to improve accessibility on public transport. Based on the evidence we presented, the Petitions Committee produced a report making key recommendations, all of which were adopted
by the Welsh Assembly in 2018. Since then I’ve had the confidence to lead my own campaign for a Changing Places toilet in my home town of Llanelli.

Being with other young wheelchair users has pushed me to do new things. Seeing other members of the Kidz Board go to university made me feel this was possibile for me too, and I’m proud to have finished the first year of my degree in Social Care Studies.

Even though I am sad to now be leaving the Kidz Board, I feel that it’s time for someone else to bring their own experiences and enthusiasm to the role. I have no doubt the experience has changed me and helped me to develop skills that will be useful for the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to working with everyone in the future in different ways.

I want to say thanks to all my friends on the Kidz Board, and the whole Whizz-Kidz team.

You not only made me feel like I was part of a new family, but also gave me the confidence
to speak up for young disabled people.

"Diolch a Farwell"

(Thank you and goodbye!)

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