Ambassador Clubs and the fun they behold

Sophie by Sophie
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Whizz-Kidz relies on volunteers to be able to deliver our services to young people. Here, Sophie explains why she loves volunteering for our youth groups.

My name is Sophie and I am a self-proclaimed supporter of all things Whizz-Kidz! I began volunteering to get a bit of experience to help with my Psychology degree. 3 years later, I’m now studying for a Doctorate and I just can’t stop (I don’t think the young people at my local club would forgive me for leaving for starters!)

I mostly volunteer at Ambassador Clubs and it’s always my favourite Saturday of the month, and there’s one particular club that will always stick in mind because I had pink and purple hands for at least a week afterwards! Let me set the scene: it was leading up to summer and so the activity of the day was tie-dyeing t-shirts – how fun! There was a good turn out as the club didn’t clash with powered chair football training or a Hull City game, where we usually lose most of our ‘regulars’ so the excitement was contagious!

I got stuck right in as always and was more than willing to help Luda (a ‘regular’) with her tie-dyeing. The gloves were nowhere to be found but this wasn’t going to stop me (it really should have!) and within no time I managed to get the dye everywhere. My hands were stained. I’d stained Luda’s jeans. We did manage to produce a good t-shirt, however, and in true Hull club style they’ve never let me forget the mess I made!

I’ve been with Whizz-Kidz long enough now to see just how much joy it brings; this isn’t only to the young wheelchair users that are attending though, I also see it in the volunteers, carers, parents, facilitators – everybody! The happiness and good that comes from being part of something so wonderful is infectious. I would recommend anybody to get involved in any way that they can with Whizz-Kidz (and frequently do chew my friends ears off about it) because my having stuck around for so long must mean something!

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