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Aaron by Aaron
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Aaron goes to Whizz-Kidz’s Ambassador Club (youth group) in Bangor, and is also a Young Leader for the charity – meaning he takes a role in leading some of the activities at his club and supports other young people who are attending. Here, Aaron writes about some of his Young Leader duties!

Hello everyone. My name is Aaron and I go to the Bangor (North Wales) Ambassador Club very regularly which is very fun. Today I wanted to tell you about the time I got the opportunity to visit the Liverpool Ambassador Club for the day.  

The club was at the Fire Fit Hub in Toxteth (Liverpool) and I was very nervous as I hadn’t been to another club before. The day consisted of doing a workshop all about what it takes to become a Whizz-Kidz Young Leader. As I already am a Young Leader I had a bit of inside information I could share. I made some lovely new friends and the workshop was very fun. 

To finish off a great day, we got to go outside and have a go at playing with a Fireman’s Hose, as the Fire Fit Hub is part of a fire station. We got to see all the equipment they use which was extremely fun, and we had our photos taken in front of the fire engine wearing a fireman’s helmet and gas mask. It was the perfect end to a great day trip! 

If there are any budding Young Leaders out there – go for it! Whizz-Kidz is an amazing charity, they’ve helped me to be more confident in myself. 

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