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Our roving reporter Jessica reviews British Gymnastics' visit to one of our clubs. 

On the 26th September the British Gymnastics came to the combined Newcastle and Sunderland Whizz-Kidz Ambassador Club. They came to do some fun gymnastics activities with the Whizz-Kidz members. It was an amazing and inspiring thing to watch. Their visit was part of the British Gymnastics I’m In scheme, which aims to get more disabled people and wheelchair users involved in the sport. This scheme started in April 2013 and is a 4 year project.
I had the opportunity to speak to Erin Jolly, a disability officer for British Gymnastics. She told me: 'Only 4% of people taking part in gymnastics are disabled, that is what inspired the scheme and anyone no matter their abilities or disabilities can get involved in gymnastics.' She also told me that gymnastics is not a part of the Paralympics at the moment and the goal is to get gymnastics involved in the Paralympics as a sport.
I was able to speak to some of the Whizz-Kidz members who took part and everyone seemed to really enjoy the session. Here are some of their quotes:
Adam Clark one of the members said: 'It was Entertaining! It was informative to see what a person can do if they have the right equipment to help them do gymnastics'.
Azhad said: 'My favourite thing was the bars because I could show off my muscles'.
Jasmine expressed: 'It was brilliant getting to do gymnastics because I never ever get to do it'.
Overall it was a wonderful and exciting thing to see and everyone had a great time. The session taught me that any disabled person can be involved in gymnastics or any other kind of sport because nearly every sport is capable of being adapted.
If you are interested in getting involved in more of the gymnastics taster sessions, you can visit the British Gymnastic website at Here you can find information on a taster session.

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