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On Friday the 23rd of September 2016, as a representative for Whizz-Kidz I travelled to London to attend the launch of a new magazine called You are Beautiful.  The magazine aims to combat the issue of eating disorders and self-hate which young people often experience. I was thrilled when I was asked to attend this event as the magazine has a unique and impressive concept.

At the event we bonded over our shared experiences and the fact we want others to love themselves and view themselves positively – it all got rather emotional!. There was a spokesperson from the charity Beat shared her inspiring, tear-jerking personal journey of how she overcame an eating disorder. A drama production was performed, it highlighted how many young girls compare themselves to the “perfect women” presented in the media and how this leads to self-hate.

Vivian Moyo, the magazine’s Chief Editor, spoke about how she wishes to change the perception of women in the media- she even removed her makeup to signify that you don't need to do anything to be truly beautiful.

The magazine is aimed at girls aged 10 to 17. After reading through the magazine, I felt some of the articles tackled issues (such as anorexia, and BSE in cattle) that might be too mature for 10 years old. However I think young people aged 13 and older would be able to digest the information and understand it.

All in all, I feel the magazine has a really successful future ahead and that it will inspire and educate many young girls. The whole event was fantastic – the only downside being my journey home. On the train from London to Manchester the disabled toilet was out of service which I find unacceptable!

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