Dating As a Wheelchair User - Kira’s Story

Kira by Kira
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For me, I wouldn’t say I have had any negative experiences when it comes to dating. I have had the typical issues like my Mum being nosey or teasing me over my current crush but those are things that most teenage girls go through.

I really believe in putting out a positive aura and that will always come back around to you. I always try and do this even if I can feel awkward or negative vibes coming from the other person. Usually, by the end of conversation the dynamic has completely changed because I’ve made the effort to be enthusiastic. This has always worked for me and I tend to get approached by wheelchair users as well as non-wheelchair users so I must be doing something right.

I’d like to tell other wheelchair users that you shouldn’t feel confined to dating other wheelchair users simply because they are one yourself. Having a chair or not having a chair is just a small part of someone. It is always best to go for the person who you genuinely get along with.

I’d tell non-wheelchair users not to be afraid to approach wheelchair users if you find the person  attractive. You should just go for it and use the same confidence that you would use when you are approaching anyone else for the first time. But it is also important to make sure you are not asking intrusive or invasive questions about my body parts. It is really inappropriate and can be borderline offensive. We understand you may be curious but sometimes it is not at all appropriate if I don’t even know you that well.

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