Dating As A Wheelchair User - Rian’s Story

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Dating is no easy task for anyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, race or ability. There are always going to be different issues that arise in every relationship. Dating with a disability brings up a whole new conversation that people without disabilities may not even think about. When you narrow it down to people who use wheelchairs,  that again makes for a different conversation.

Dating as a wheelchair user is definitely more complex than dating as a non-disabled person.  When I say this, I am not looking for sympathy; I don’t think the majority of wheelchair users want sympathy. We just want to be treated as ‘normal’; if you don’t think you can do that then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to date us.

Personally I have dated both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users. I wouldn’t really say I prefer one over the other, and being disabled or not isn’t a determining factor for whether I want to date someone. However there are different things I have noticed about dating a wheelchair user vs a non-wheelchair user. When I have dated a wheelchair user I have noticed people often assume that we are together because we are both in wheelchairs. Newsflash, the reason I am actually with them is because they’re hot! And I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but we do have other things to talk about other than our disabilities.

When I date somebody who isn’t in a wheelchair, I notice people often look at the non-disabled person as a saint. As if they are doing me a favour. In reality, it is most likely the complete opposite way around! You are lucky to be with me!  Please remember someone isn’t automatically a good person because they are dating someone in a wheelchair.


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