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The Green Milers by The Green Milers
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In September 2015 a group of us got together in a pub and decided to run the London Marathon. Crazy Right? Well not so crazy when you think about how much easier fundraising is when you work in a team.

We’re Baz, Karl, Lewis, Luke, Mick, Pat, Paul, Shaun, Steve and Sarah, aka The Green Milers. We’re a mixed bunch of folk, covering a range of different trades, skills and ages. Things kicked off with a bang at our first fundraiser: a charity carwash. It was a big success here on the Isle of Sheppey, raising £489 in just four hours. 

But this was only the start of things to come. We piled our resources into organising a charity auction (with added paella!) and came up trumps. With Pat holding the gavel, bids were made, lots were won and paella was eaten. It was a great night under the hammer, raising £1790.

We have since had two quiz nights, raising £369, and we even got Green Miler Luke to sing with his band at a local pub, collecting £400 in change. 

Next weekend we’re holding a fancy dress school disco and raffle, which will hopefully be a massive success and lots of fun. We have found that raffles are very easy to organise and can raise lots of money: our Christmas raffle alone raised nearly £1,000. 

As well as putting posters up all over our local community, we’ve also been fundraising online. We’ve set up a Just Giving page, and we’ve found Facebook to be really effective for promoting our campaign too.

We’re really proud to be part of Team Whizz-Kidz and want to wish all the runners the best of luck for the big day. We can’t wait!

The Green Milers 

Baz, Karl, Lewis, Luke, Mick, Pat, Paul, Shaun, Steve and Sarah 

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