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In April I sat on the sofa watching the London Marathon feeling really inspired. I have always been into fitness, I did competitive gymnastics from the age of 6, but running is something I’ve never found easy. However, a year and a half ago I trained for my first 10km race and got hooked. I signed up for a half marathon straight after, which then got me thinking: maybe I could run a marathon!

So I looked into it, got myself in for the ballot and then started to think about charity places. If I was going to run for a charity I wanted it to be one that meant something to me. Being a sports and gymnastics coach I work with children every day helping them to lead more active lives, so when I saw that Whizz-Kidz does just this for young disabled people I knew this was a charity I would love to help.

When I got offered a place to run for Whizz Kidz in June I was thrilled and I immediately started thinking up fundraising ideas! My first fundraiser was a ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ competition. I asked a local hair salon to put it in their shop; it was £1 a go and after a month had made £44.

My next fundraising idea involved all the gymnasts I coach. I offered two days at the gymnastics club in the summer holidays involving  games, fitness and of course a buffet lunch, and raised a total of £573.00

Then it was on to the biggest one so far: a family bike ride! As soon as one of my friends suggested it I started planning it. After organising routes, a venue, stalls, prizes, gymnasts for a display, helpers, BBQs and contacting the local police and highways, the go ahead was given for the 11th September.

The sun shone down on us and great day was had by all with lovely feedback raising a huge £931.85!!! Everyone’s support was amazing and made all he sleepless nights worrying if it would be a success totally worth it.

There are lots more ideas in the pipeline too: non uniform days in the local schools I work in, letters to local businesses and guess the weight of the Christmas cake – I’m sure I’ll come up with even more so watch this space…

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