How Wheelchair Skills Training made me more independent

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I heard about Whizz-Kidz from my support worker in Aberystwyth, she told me about Wheelchair Skills Training and asked me if I wanted to go. I hadn’t realised then that there were so many other things Whizz-Kidz offers! I have since been to Wheelchair Skills Training and I am due to go to Cardiff Ambassador Club this Sat, it’s my first!

In Aber there really isn’t that much for young disabled people to do, no clubs just for us. Transport links are not that good. There isn’t anything where we can all meet up has fun and get to know each other, I love living on my small farm but it can sometimes get boring! 

I have learnt so much just from the one Wheelchair Skills Training event, I have learnt new skills, met new friends, learnt games I had never heard of before and had fun. I am far more confident when getting around with my wheelchair; I don’t have to ask for so much physical support anymore. I am way more confident and loving showing off my new skills. I believe Whizz-Kidz has helped me to become a little bit more independent, which is why I cant wait to go to more events! I was so chuffed when they said they could support me to find transport to the Cardiff club and when they worked with my support worker to find me a volunteer driver to take me there I was really happy and don’t care that it’s a long drive, I just want to go!

When I was about 4 or 5 I think I went to something similar to Wheelchair Skills Training in a local leisure centre, but I'm 15 now so need to learn different skills. If I'd had this opportunity sooner I probably could have achieved a lot more!

Whizz-Kidz have opened up more opportunities for me and I am excited about them doing more for us in our area. 

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