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Whizz-Kidz gave Kira her first powered wheelchair in 2013 and she soon started attending her local Whizz-Kidz club.

She is the longest serving member of the Kidz Board, having joined in 2015 when she was 14. Two years later Kira took on the role of Kidz Board Chair and has represented Whizz Kidz through numerous events and media appearances.

She says the support she has received from the charity has helped her have confidence in her own voice.

Kira is currently completing her A levels with a view of going to university. A self-confessed Ariana Grande stan, she has adopted the singer’s words as the message she wants to spread to young disabled people: “You too, you are so young and beautiful and so successful!”

What advice do you have for Penny, who you are handing over Chair responsibilities to?  

Make sure you never doubt yourself Penny. Do not worry or think, 'OMG I have to fill Kira's shoes' or 'I need to be exactly the same as anyone else who has been Chair of Kidz Board’. Always focus on being yourself and doing things how you see fit'.

There’s absolutely no problem with taking inspiration from the way previous people have done things, but always remember it is your time now. You have been chosen to take on this role because you’re capable so make sure you don't forget that. It is an amazing opportunity, and you will end up learning so much about yourself. I know you’re going to be great! 

What has been your proudest moment on Kidz Board?

It’s definitely been seeing my friends on the Kidz Board grow. Everyone has grown into themselves over the last few years, and it has been an honour seeing them develop. 

I have definitely evolved as a person since being on the Kidz Board, and even more so since coming out of my comfort zone and chairing the Kidz Board. I remember during my first Kidz Board I was slightly anti-social, I did not really get involved and I kept myself to myself. Who would have guessed, a couple of years on I would lead the Kidz Board as Chair?

I’m also really proud of all of the work we have done with Whizz-Kidz corporate partners. It has been great meeting all of the successful, intelligent directors and employees, and having them listen to us. At first it was kind of intimidating presenting to these people, but as time went on I definitely grew more confident. I remember I always used to think, ‘Wow, look at all these powerful people. Are they really going to listen to us?’ But I learnt eventually, it was a two-way street. The fact these senior members of staff really recognise us and the work Kidz Board do makes me really proud. We learn from them and they learn from us.



How has Kidz Board changed you?

It's changed me in so many different ways, but I can honestly say that being the Chair of Kidz Board has really increased my confidence. I have developed a ‘Yes’ attitude which I never used to have. I used to really suffer with anxiety when it came to new tasks being presented to me, but now I always think ‘yeah, why not.’ I rarely turn down a new opportunity. 

Whizz-Kidz has also really made me realise my good qualities. I have been able to work on myself so much since being on the Kidz Board. I am really excited to see how much more growth I still have yet to come.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to go to university this September to study law. I’m really excited, not only about the course but also because this will be my first time living completely independently. 

I also want to travel. I want to go everywhere and anywhere. There isn’t one particular country I want to visit; I just want to meet new people from all different avenues of life. Most importantly, I want to really enjoy being young.

Can you tell us about one of your funniest moment at Kidz Board?

There are honestly too many experiences to recount!. One of my favourites has to be when we somehow got stuck on a minibus in Coventry at a Kidz Board.  Ten wheelchair users stuck on a minibus because the ramp stopped working. What more could go wrong? I’m pleased to say, Sally's mum adamantly tried to raise our mood by providing us with chocolate. The experience ended with the fire brigade having to come and save us. I will never forget that day. 


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