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2019 will be my first time running a marathon. The inspiration for choosing Whizz Kidz as my charity, was my Uncle Martin. Whilst in his 20’s, Martin was paralysed from the neck down in a devastating accident. I’ve only ever known my uncle in a wheelchair, and I’ve always been inspired by his determination to lead a full life. That being said, I know it’s not been easy for him, and to
think there are children in similar situations is unfathomable to me. I wanted to do something. I knew that by raising money for Whizz Kidz, I could help genuinely transform children’s lives, by giving them freedom of independence.

Whizz Kidz have been amazing in supporting their runners. I’ve attended their training days, where we’re given expert advice on fitness and nutrition, plus we get to meet some of the incredible children we’re raising money for, and there’s no better motivation for the training! There is a great sense of community in the Whizz Kidz team, we’re all part of a Facebook group, and share advice on everything running related. People often post their workout updates and everyone supports each other.

Speaking of the dreaded training itself…I’m actually really enjoying it, I work long hours in Film & TV, but find that running at the end of the day is a perfect way to clear my head. The hard work is certainly paying off now, and I’ve now fallen in love with running. 

I’ve found raising money the biggest challenge, as I rarely have free time outside of work, and I’m away from home often. I decided my best approach was to advertise on my training top. I approached a local coffee shop near my house called The Fifth Taste, who’ve put a collection box at their till for me, as
well as giving me free coffee and food whenever I pop in! Before moving to London in 2014 I worked for GM Coachwork, a UK supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles. I emailed their director and they’ve also agreed to sponsor me to put their logo on the front of my shirt. The rest of the money will
come from friends & family, plus the large film crew that I work with.

Running the London Marathon has always been on my bucket list, my training is starting to come together and with 6 weeks to go, I’m looking forward to race day, with the support of Whizz Kidz the marathon has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


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