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My name is Natalie, I’m 19 years old, and I am entering my final year of studying Psychology at the University of Lincoln. I do not have much of an idea of what I want to do or where I want to go after University, but I definitely hope to use my degree in my future career. I’ve realised that there are so many different ways in which Psychology can be used, so unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) this hasn’t really narrowed down my options. However, this is why I am so thankful for work placements and my time at Nomura.


Initially I was actually quite nervous about getting around the office as a wheelchair user. I thought there may be limited room and I may not be able to reach certain things that I needed. However, I was offered the opportunity to look around Nomura with a Whizz- Kidz representative before I started my work experience, which reassured me that I didn't need to worry and could access everything I needed.


The opportunity to actually work in an office in a professional environment has really opened my eyes to the realities of working a 9-5 and the different responsibilities that fall under different job roles. Although I am still not 100% sure about what I want to do in the future, these work placements have given me a better insight into what I enjoy, what I am good at and what kind of roles may suit me best. 


This brings me perfectly onto my work experience week with Nomura. Nomura are working in partnership with Whizz-Kidz, so their employees are fundraising to enable the charity to provide life changing mobility equipment to disabled young people and to help families that need support with essential maintenance and repairs. As part of Nomura's partnership with Whizz-Kidz, Nomura also provide invaluable work experience opportunities for Whizz-Kidz ambassadors (luckily for me.)


Before I came to Nomura, all I knew was that it was a Japanese bank, not necessarily an organisation that would immediately appeal to a Psychology student. I didn’t realise was that there was a vast array of departments that were entirely separate from the banking side of the organisation. During my time there, I spent time with Real Estate, Corporate Communications and IT and shadowed members of almost all the sub- teams within these departments. I learnt so much during my short amount of time there. I experienced everything from how to create multimedia, to how short Nomura films are produced and broadcasted using their on- site studio. I also saw how staff travel is arranged, the many different jobs that security involves,and the major benefits of occupational health in keeping staff healthy, happy, and most importantly, in work.


A highlight of the week for me was definitely meeting Katie Horn, who is a Community Affairs Analyst. She has previous experience in the charity sector but has now entered banking. I was also lucky enough to learn a bit more about Nomura’s charity connections, and it has all been really fascinating. Finding out about how generous the organisation is towards many different charities, including Whizz-Kidz, has been fantastic and that is one of the factors that really made Nomura stand out as somewhere I would love to work and an organisation I would love to be a part of in the future. 

In terms of wheelchair accessibility, Nomura was great. Although, yes the doors were heavy, I found out they’re crucial for fire safety. Everyone was really friendly and helpful, so I didn’t really have any problems whilst I was there. I never needed to get anywhere on my own, as everyone was always happy to deliver me to where I needed to be. 

I have to say, the thing I did love best about Nomura wasn’t the staff or the work I did, but it was definitely… the food.

Just to round off, I have to say thank you to Whizz- Kidz for enabling me to have this valuable experience. A fantastic addition to my CV, as well as an eye- opening, hands on, insight into the world of work. 

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