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Ayesha by Ayesha
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Ayesha, an Ambassador from Cardiff, shares her experience of doing a work placement organised by Whizz-Kidz.

During the end of July, when most of us were on holiday, I decided to contact Whizz-Kidz to see if they had any activities going. I was told about a new Work Placements Co-ordinator so I got in touch with her to see if it was possible to do another work placement and guess what she gave me the news I wanted to hear! She said there was the possibility that I can go back to the business where I went last year for my work placement which was Cineworld Cinema. 

I travelled to Cineworld to meet with Jo from Whizz Kidz and Jenna who is one of the managers. We discussed what my main responsibilities would be. I was given my uniform along with a work placement briefing pack which had all the information that I needed to know about the venue.

It had a blank dairy which I had to fill in with information including what days and times I worked. I also wrote down the tasks I did each day, so I could use all the information for when I started building up my CV.

I was introduced by Jenna to the team members who would be on site every day if there were any issues. Whilst I was on placement, I mostly served customers film tickets; showed people what screens they had to go in; worked in the stock room organising snacks and made a staff timetable. I also got the opportunity to do screen checks! I had to go into the films once they started and make sure phones were switched off and check the right film was showing.

Working at Cineworld has really helped boost my confidence in many ways such as talking to new people who I wouldn’t normally speak to and it felt good to know that I could support them without any worries.  

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