Parallel London: Training and Colour Co-ordination

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Four weeks to go until Parallel London and training has been going well - so well in fact that I made a video about it! 

I have found lots of ways to build up my stamina ahead of the big day, including doing exercises in the pool with my swimming coach Simon, and fitting in extra horse-riding lessons with my riding instructor Vanessa. Both of them have been really supportive and I feel a lot more prepared for the challenge than I did a month ago.

I also found out that wheeling laps of the local shopping mall is a great way to sneak in a cheeky training session, and you can treat yourself with coffee and cake at the finish line! This has also been really handy in the heat wave we had recently – I was really grateful to be able to practice indoors where there's air conditioning! 

A couple of exciting things have happened recently. Firstly, I passed my fundraising target! I was really proud to have smashed it several weeks before the Push/Run, and am so grateful to everyone who has donated (I wish I could personally thank them all by name here, but unfortunately there won't be enough room!).

The second exciting thing that has happened is my Whizz-Kidz t-shirt arrived! Now I truly feel like part of the team, and can't wait to wear it with pride on September 4. There's only one problem…colour coordination! I'm going to have to put some serious thought into how I canpull off a green t-shirt, a purple wheelchair, and neon pink racing gloves.

The final exciting thing is that the race course was announced this week, so I can finally envisage my journey round the 10k. It looks pretty daunting on screen, but I'm hoping that there'll be plenty of spectators on hand to cheer me round the course. I'm also really hoping it doesn't rain on the day. I don't think the Orbit will provide much cover from the weather! 

This will probably be my last blog until after Parallel London. I really hope lots of you will be able to come to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to cheer on the athletes and join in the festival fun. Look out for me – I'll be the one of team in
bright green!


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