Putting ‘Kidz at the Heart’ of recruiting new staff

Shelley by Shelley
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One of Whizz-Kidz’s core values is ‘Kidz at the Heart’ – and that’s something we take very seriously. Here, one of our regional co-ordinators, Shelley, tells us why it’s important to have young people involved in recruiting new staff.  

I’m Shelley and I’ve been working at Whizz-Kidz since March 2014, it’s been one of my favourite years to date! I co-ordinate services in South Wales, including Ambassador Clubs, Work Placements, Wheelchair Skills Training events and Residential Camps.  

As well as working with young people at these services, I also support young people to become young leaders and volunteers. 

I was recently carrying out some interviews to employ new Whizz-Kidz trainers in South Wales. I think it’s important for young people to have a say in the way their services are delivered, and so I wanted to have a young person on the interview panel to have their say and represent the opinions of other young people. I decided to ask Ayesha because she’s committed to Whizz-Kidz and she’s motivated to become an independent young person. 

Ayesha completed interview training with me and then was a full member of the interview panel. At the beginning of the day we sat for half an hour planning and going through questions and applications, then Ayesha was given 3 of her own questions to ask and took notes when the panel was asking theirs. She also took part in all the activities that we were observing and marking. She made all the candidates feel welcome and at ease by explaining what would happen and talking about Whizz-Kidz in such a positive way. 

At the end of each interview, Ayesha would take part in a discussion with the other panel members to score the candidates, and she was part of the final decision on who we would employ. 

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