Rock n Roll and Me

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“I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live the way I want to.”

In my mind there is no one individual who encapsulates rock n roll more than Jimi Hendrix. He has been an influence from my early years I’ve always been trying to chase his sound.

As a young disabled man living in a working class area of Birmingham, I can honestly say that there was not anything that gave me as much purpose as Rock music. It was the one thing that made me feel powerful. That's why it is sad to say that unfortunately, recently it has often felt when I go to shows that I am cut off from the complete experience and sometimes not included at all.

Late last year a hardcore Punk Band from San Francisco called "Culture Abuse" came to play in Birmingham whilst on a UK tour. The thing that originally piqued my interest with this group however wasn’t the music, it was actually the fact that their frontman had Cerebral Palsy. Whenever I plan to go to a show, I always like to make sure that I have my ticket well in advance and I like to contact the venue to make sure that it is accessible. However, on this occasion, I was very dissapointed to find out that the venue actually was not accessible. My one chance to witness a performer who was remotely like me and I couldn’t. I remember at the time I was extremely dissapointed. Of course, I am still a fan of their music, I think they ar awesome and I still want to see them do well. However, if I am being honest, when I initially dound out that I would not be able to attend the show, I was a bit upset and held some resentment towards their manager and the owners of the venue.

Overall my life with "Rock n Roll" has been a joyous one. I have seen some of the worlds best bands performing live including Enter Shikari, Green Day, The 1975 and Greta Van Fleet. But sometimes I feel like the message of love unity and fun is gone and it has become more like a corporate machine... A machine that doesn’t care about me or anyone like me.

However I do not lose my faith

I would like to start my own my own band, play guitar and sing, and travel the world.

I think Lemmy from Motörhead said it best “Believe in Rock n roll, everything else will let you down” - excerpt from a 1983 interview.


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