Taking on the London Mini Marathon!

Jamie by Jamie
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My name is Jamie Edwards. I am 15 years old and have cerebral palsy. I'm also a wheelchair racer from Taunton, Somerset.

Recently I have taken part in the London Mini Marathon - this is the last 3 miles of the whole marathon course, held on the same day as the big marathon. The main difference is that only under 17 year olds can do the London mini marathon. This does not make it a slow race by any means!

It is still a very fast race, and what you could say is a 'once in a lifetime' experience,  (yes it did give off that sort of vibe!) and needless to say, you all should try this sort of thing,if you love going fast and you also love sport! It is not too hard on your body, yet it could be if you want to be near the top. 

I finished in 9th place however,  I managed to knock 6 mins off my time from last year. If you look at people outside of my age group I beat quite a few people, this brings me onto my next thing to say, there was a LOT of people there! A lot more than last year by about 2 fold! This is good,  because it means that the sport that was dying off in pre 2012 times is making a comeback, a very large one -  and if you ask me, I think that you should join the wheelchair racing crew If you like fast paced adrenalin filled competitive sports like me.

You can watch my footage from my GoPro of the Mini marathon course here:  


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