What it’s like to go Wheelchair Skills Training

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Whizz-Kidz runs Wheelchair Skills Training schemes for wheelchair users aged 2-25. Here, Charlotte explains why this service is so important. 

One of the many services that Whizz-Kidz offers to young people is Wheelchair Skills Training. It is essential that young people can get the most out of their wheelchairs, by learning how to use it effectively. Being able to use it confidently and safely can make all the difference to helping young people to lead an independent life.

Wheelchair skills’ training is for young people aged 2-25, who use a manual or electric wheelchair and can drive or push themselves. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, which are tailored to the individual needs of the young people who attend. It is also an opportunity to make friends and have lots of fun! Many of the trainers are also wheelchair users and so have direct experience of being in a wheelchair and have invaluable knowledge. So people who attend can feel free to ask any questions!

I decided to go to wheelchair skills training to gain more independence when using my wheelchair. I also wanted to improve my spatial awareness and skills such as driving backwards. I have been to wheelchair skills training twice (I enjoyed it that much!), the second time returning as a buddy to mentor other young people. We learnt vital skills such as spatial awareness, planning safe routes and getting through doorways, through fun games and activities. We also learnt how to look after our wheelchairs and all about road safety.

After going to Wheelchair Skills training the first time, I learnt all about other opportunities at Whizz-Kidz and joined Stoke Ambassador Club, which I have now being going for 4 years. I am also a Silver Young Leader at my Ambassador Club.

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