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Before I became a wheelchair user I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. I was so intrigued by the wonders and the science of human anatomy and I was mesmerised by the organs in the body and how they all play their individual part in keeping us alive. I was fascinated by how doctors could save someone from the brink of death and how they could repair an aortic aneurysm using keyhole surgery. For my 14th birthday I received The Gray’s Anatomy text book, which is an incredibly detailed text book on the human body. You have never seen a 14 year old girl as excited as I was over a text book!

Suddenly, in the autumn of 2010, only about two months after my 14th birthday I became very ill. At first I was misdiagnosed with ME and I was told that I would overcome my symptoms and could live a ‘normal life’, so I tried to carry on but I was very sick and started using a wheelchair. Eventually I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which is a chronic condition that causes joint dislocations along with other symptoms and complications.

My doctors told me that because of my condition I could never be a surgeon. So I asked whether I could become a consultant or a GP instead and they said it was impossible because I wouldn’t be able to do CPR. The news broke my heart; it was a lot to handle! I struggled with depression and loneliness; I was just wandering through my life just coping with the pain.

And then one day I turned on the TV and started watching WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It sounds silly but it just sparked something in me. I started to get into the matches and rooting for the wrestlers, I became more and more interested in wrestling and the industry around I became fascinated not just by what was on screen but the entire business, the behind the scenes of it all, the creative process, I was fascinated by the booking process, what goes into creating a character, the live events, the charity side of it, just everything about. I felt passion again for the first time in over two years and it was an incredible feeling.

Now I know I have to work in the wrestling business, I’ll work behind the scenes, I’ll fetch coffee, I’ll do any ‘little job’ (although I believe in business there are no little jobs every job makes the wheel turn) to get there. My dream, my ultimate goal is to be a wrestling commentator. It’s why I’m studying media and sports journalism. It may take a while but I’ll get there, I know I will.

I’ve now also found my love for writing and I have furthered my goals by going to a couple of different events and write articles about them for Whizz-Kidz as a young journalist. I'm enjoying being able to be a part of Whizz-Kidz and develop my journalism skills all at the same time. I’ve never been more thankful to a charity for their help in furthering my career and their help in making me comfortable as a young disabled person. Since finding my passions and becoming a part of Whizz -Kidz my depleted confidence is repairing and I’m a lot more comfortable in myself.

So although my disability took away my original passions and goals, I'm kind of grateful for it because it’s led me to find who I really am and what I want to do in my career.

I’ve got my passion back. If you haven't found yours yet keep looking, life has funny ways of throwing challenges at us that can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

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