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As a Fundraising Manager, I am always humbled by how dedicated people are and how far they are prepared to go to support Whizz-Kidz. The Howes family - Anneli, Simon and Robin - are exactly those people and they have pushed through many different obstacles  to keep fundraising and supporting the young people we work with. Here is a little of their story, told by Anneli: 

'As anyone who needs a wheelchair will tell you, having one that is actually fit for purpose is vital. I've decided to take the 2015 Trek Fest challenge on the 5th September to complete a 13 mile trek through the stunning Peak District in support of the amazing charity Whizz Kids, who help young disabled people access equipment that actually fits their needs. Two of our friends will also be running the Oxford half marathon on the 11th October to raise money for this wonderful charity!

'My husband Simon has cerebral palsy, a lifelong disability that affects muscle control and movement, and we recently had the great joy of becoming parents to our 15 month old son Robin. We come across new accessibility challenges every day. All too often, provisions for people with these mobility needs just don't exist. It is heart breaking to think that some children don't have the option to participate in life to their fullest potential, and simply to be kids, because their families aren't able to access the right equipment and services.

'As a family, we think the work Whizz-Kidz does is so important to transform these children's lives and help them find the independence and confidence they need to make the most out of life. We want to invite others to help us do just that. Anneli, Simon, and Robin.'

I find myself reading this story from Anneli and thinking what a privilege it is to work for Whizz-Kidz. If you have read this story and thought, I can do something amazing however small or big, then please get in touch. The Support Us page on our website  has lots of ways to get involved. If you'd like to get involved in your community, visit our fundraising in your area page - we are always looking for volunteers to help us fundraise, connect us with local business and most of all be open to have fun and get involved.

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