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I joined Whizz Kidz at the end of last year after extensive research online – I suppose you could say what they represent for young wheelchair users, and their approach to
empowering young people to be their best selves really struck a chord with me on a
personal level.

As a volunteer, I think it should never be underestimated how much our unique life
experience and perspective can positively impact a young person. My own experience
involved a physical injury back in 2015, which meant I could not walk for a long period of time
due to multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. As a young woman, I experienced my own
version of injury, recovery and disability. I experienced what it was like to travel around
London on crutches, to plan my journeys on public transport to maximise on ‘step free access’
and learnt how people really perceive physical impairment both at work and on the street. I
also began to realise what truly helped me to heal inside and out – love, self expression and
a willingness from others to want to understand my experience.

And yet what struck me and what has stayed with me, more than any physical pain or
rehabilitation was how people’s perceptions toward me shifted during that time. The concept
of mind over matter was completely erased and I was seen for only one part of me – my
physical ability. And yet, all I wanted was my independence and to be seen and heard for
who I actually was.

To me, this is where Whizz‐Kidz comes in and really shines. They give young wheelchair
users the independence they need by providing them with wheelchairs tailored to them as
an individual, and they utilise their volunteers to help support each young person to fulfil their
true potential through work placements, clubs and by learning new skills that will support them
both now and in the future.

I joined Whizz‐Kidz as a youth leader, but in truth the joy has come from bringing out the
future leader in everyone of these young people. Highlights in my time at Whizz‐Kidz have
got to include the Kidzboard Event up in Coventry in March 2018. I had the opportunity to
see the Kidzboard members, a group of 9 ambassadors for young wheelchair users, speak
their truth about issues that matter to them like mental health, accessibility, and even making
wheelchairs more fashionable and practical for everyday use. I used this weekend to listen
and learn from them, to further inform a Networking Session which I ran to prepare them for
a corporate event in June. I only hope I have played my part in truly amplifying their voice for
causes that matter to them on an individual level (although I must admit, it wasn’t very
difficult – these are some of the smartest, most honest young people you will ever meet!)

Another really amazing opportunity arose recently to support our London Kidzboard
representative, Lexian Porter at the British Youth Council in May. As a volunteer, I simply
provided planning support to Lexian who really just wowed the various youth organisations
with her presentation on what true ‘Diversity and Inclusivity in Campaigns’ looks like in the
21st century and why it is so important to truly represent and include all young people,
irrespective of age, gender, colour or indeed physical ability in youth campaigns, if you truly
want to capture the real issues that affect them and actually make a positive change.

I really hope to see more volunteers come to Whizz‐Kidz in 2018. This is a truly unique
opportunity to bring all your life experiences to young people, learn about yourself and
actually make a difference to the way people think. Change comes one person at a time, and
I hope we can all come together and make that happen for every young person at Whizz‐Kidz
both now and in the future.

If you’re interested in volunteering please email volunteering@whizz-kidz.org.uk if you have any questions.…..

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