Young Ambassador Lexian Visits MOD Pizza for #SpreadTheModness Week

Lexian by Lexian
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This week, MOD Pizza UK are supporting Whizz-Kidz at their Leicester Square store. For every MOD sized pizza purchased from 21st -26th November, £1 will be donated to Whizz-Kidz. In the run up to this #SpreadTheModnessWeek, Lexi was invited down to the restaurant to try out some pizza for herself. Yummy!

Before I begin, I have to admit, I’m not normally an extreme lover of pizza. However MOD Pizza definitely stood out compared to the other pizza restaurants I’m used to. I can honestly say I have become much fonder of it now thanks to MOD. The restaurant had good food and a great atmosphere.

The overall location of the restaurant was spacious and easy to find. The restaurant was in a free, spacious environment and not in an awkward position that was hard to get to so this was a great start to my visit.  I love restaurants that have the choice of eating in or outside because it’s nice to have choices on where to eat. I also need to point out at this stage how friendly the staff members were.  On arrival, there were staff members everywhere offering to assist my needs when it came to giving me my preferable table seating arrangement.

The unique thing about MOD is that you can watch your pizza being made; therefore you can see that’s its fresh. This restaurant is for those who are visual because you can literally put whatever your heart desires from the counter to your pizza. The counter may be a bit high for manual wheelchair users but there’s a description of all the toppings which is visible and the staff are happy to tell you what toppings are available too. If you’re not feeling that creative, you can choose a pizza from their menu, and accompany that with a nice refreshing beverage, including some delicious milkshakes which I tried out. After your belly is full, it is nice to know that there are clean toilets to freshen up in. There’s one accessible/baby changing toilet that includes an emergency pull ? and a hand rail for support. Not to forget the very nicely sized mirror, just in case you want to make sure you don’t have any food in your mouth! Beside the mirror there’s the trusty ramp that they store in the disabled bathroom which is locked by a code so you can be certain that only those who need an accessible toilet will use it.

Due to the normal English weather, I decided to sit indoors. One of the few improvements that I think could be made by MOD is that currently, there’s no sign that says they provide a ramp which provides accessibility for wheelchair users. If I was passing the restaurant on a normal day, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look at there seems to be only a step entrance. It was all peachy for me though, as MOD were expecting us and I knew in advance they had wheelchair access so I could call someone to bring the ramp. The great thing is that I explained this to a member of staff and they completely understood and said they would take this into consideration going forward.

Inside the large restaurant there are two types of tables, high and lower tables. For wheelchair users’ high tables are not the friendliest seating arrangements and in the MOD Pizza London location there seemed to be equally the same amount of high tables there were low tables. I made a suggestion, since this restaurant location is reasonably big, there shouldn’t be any high tables on the accessible floor and instead the majority of the high tables should be upstairs and downstairs. One of the friendly staff members did mention that they would happily consider shuffling around tables to accommodate large groups of wheelchair users.

My overall experience was great; enthusiastic and friendly staff, great tasting pizza, a spacious floor layout with no overcrowding, and my MOD sticker being placed on the wall of fame. When you have time make sure you visit MOD Pizza, and get your MOD sticker placed on the wall of fame as well. 

Thank you for MOD Pizza UK for supporting Whizz-Kidz this week – we’re so pleased to be working with you!



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