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Ayesha by Ayesha
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Hi my name is Ayesha and I’m a Young Leader with Whizz-Kidz. Wondering what a young leader is? Well keep reading and you will find out.....

I first heard about the Young Leaders programme from Ali Hall who works at Whizz-Kidz. She did a presentation at one of the Kidz Board meetings and explained it was a programme to help young people develop leadership skills and then use these abilities to do things like lead youth clubs or support other young people. I was really keen to find out more so I spoke to Ali - she encouraged me and believed in me so I gave it a go!

I did lots of different things to develop leadership traits. I ran activities at the Whizz-Kidz Cardiff Ambassadors Club, I taught some young people a game at a Wheelchair Skills Training session, and I gave a talk at a Whizz-Kidz Camp about my experiences.

Six months after I started I finally completed my final module, everything was signed off and I was presented with my Young Leaders Award at the Senedd by Jayne Bryant, the Assembly Member for Newport West. I felt really proud and it made me realise how much I had achieved.

The best thing about the Young Leaders programme was that I wasn’t pressured to get all the modules done all at once. I could do them whenever it suited me. I also got to be involved in different things that I wouldn't normally get to do. I went climbing at a climbing wall which I was nervous about – I’m scared of heights! The Whizz-Kidz staff always supported me and treated me like an adult.

The Young Leaders Programme has changed me in a big way. I'm more confident speaking to a big group of people, I’m better able to work both independently and in a team, and I feel like I can support others too if they need help. Overall I feel it’s made me more responsible and it’s helped me take on my new role as a Whizz-Kidz Volunteer.

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