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I have volunteered at the Whizz-Kidz Manchester ambassador club for 4 years. It's the thing I look forward to the most each month.

In January I requested to be given the chance to run the club. I say requested, but actually it was more like pestering the Volunteer team to let me do it!  I had so many ideas I wanted to implement from listening to feedback from all the young people who attend the club and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I became a volunteer Youth Activity Leader and ran my first ever Whizz-Kidz club in February. Since then I haven't looked back! I must be doing something right because they even trusted me to lead an outing to Chester Zoo in May. We had a group of 50 people in total and even though it was raining, it was my most enjoyable trip and everyone was smiling. 

It’s the smiles on the young people's faces that I love the most. They always seem to be happy, and I feel really privileged to have seen our young people progress both academically and emotionally. In the time I’ve been volunteering I’ve watched one young person go on the journey from school to college and he now even has his own rock band! 

There have been so many memorable moments but the one that jumps out the most is one that brought tears to my eyes. On the trip to Chester Zoo the Ambassadors presented me with a Whizz-Kidz Outstanding Volunteer Award. Not only was I crying but for the first time ever I was speechless!

I have never been part of a company that makes you feel so valued, it makes a refreshing change! 

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