Whizz-Kidz ambassador at a Young People's Participation  Camp, Surrey 2013

Whizz-Kidz can help with a broad range of mobility equipment to give children and young people with a physical disability independence at home, at school and at play.

Before you apply 

If you're a parent or carer of a child with a physical disability, you need to consider the following before applying:

  • Is your child under 18 years old? Applications must be submitted before your child’s 18th birthday.
  • Does your child have a physical disability that permanently affects their mobility and participation?
  • Have you approached your local NHS wheelchair service and found that the mobility equipment that your child needs is not available/provided?

If you answered yes to the above questions then Whizz-Kidz may be able to help you.  

If you've had mobility equipment from Whizz-Kidz in the past you can still make a new application as long as the young person still meets the above criteria and it's been two years since you last received mobility equipment from Whizz-Kidz.

Apply for equipment now 

Click here to apply online using our online application form

Alternatively if you'd prefer to apply using a paper application form then you can download it here. Once you have completed it please send it to:

Customer Services, Whizz-Kidz, 2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ

Please note: only the parent/legal guardian of the child/young person can submit an application for equipment. 

Read our terms and conditions

Step-by-Step: Stages of the application 

Below we've outlined the different stages of the application, so you know what to expect when you apply to Whizz-Kidz. Just click on each step for more information. 

If you have further questions, you'll probably find them in our frequently asked questions section, otherwise please give us a call on 0800 151 3350 or email us at kidzservices@whizz-kidz.org.uk

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic it may take several weeks for enquires to be responded to, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If possible we would encourage you to contact us by email us rather than phoning. We would also please request that you do not leave multiple voicemails as this will further delay our response time. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step 1: Submitting your application

    - Go to our secure online application page and register by providing your name, email adress and a phone number. You'll then be sent an email to verify your account. If you cannot access the online application form, please contact our Children's Services team on 0800 151 3350  or by emailing kidzservices@whizz-kidz.org.uk and they will send you a paper form

    - Once you've done that you'll need to log back in to your account and then complete the Whizz-Kidz General Application Form

    - After that's been submitted it will be reviewed by our Customer Services Team

    - Once your General Application is approved we'll contact you and invite you to complete our online Equipment Application Form. When doing this try to include as much information as possible - the more details we have the easier it is to determine if we can help you or not

    - Once your Equipment Application form has been submitted it will be reviewed by our clinical team and they will identify if Whizz-Kidz are able to supply you with mobility equipment

  • Step 2: What happens once your application is approved?

    Whizz-Kidz will contact you to confirm that your child is on the waiting list. You'll need to keep us informed of any change in circumstances.

  • Step 3: Funding your child's equipment

    Whizz-Kidz may contact your local NHS Wheelchair Service about joint funding. If local services can’t help, we will start looking for other funding opportunities including from other charities. 

    Please note: Whizz-Kidz relies on voluntary donations to fund our equipment, so we are only able to provide equipment when the funding is in place. This can take time – we appreciate this is not ideal, but please be assured that we will do everything we can to proceed with applications as quickly as possible

  • Step 4: The Telephone Assessment

    Once we have secured funding to proceed with your application, our Customer Services Team will contact you to set up an initial telephone assessment with one of our Mobility Therapists. During the telephone assessment the therapist will ask you a range of questions such as:

    - What other equipment is already in use (if any)
    - What kind of equipment you have considered that would meet the young person’s individual needs
    - When and how the equipment will be used e.g. at school, at home, for play etc.
    - Aftercare requirements, such as transportation, storage, insurance and maintenance etc.

    Please note, we will not commit to provision of specific pieces of equipment and not fund any non-essential items that come at an extra cost. Whizz-Kidz operates from an internally agreed product matrix and any mobility equipment is provided subject to funding and an assessment by a member of the clinical team.

    If, following the telephone assessment we agree that we are able to supply mobility equipment, the young person will then be invited to a clinic with a Mobility Therapist, a Mobility Engineer or one of our representatives, for a full posture and mobility assessment.

  • Step 5: The Clinic Appointment

    At the clinic appointment, our Mobility Therapists and Engineers or representatives will carry out a full posture and mobility assessment. This entails gathering additional information, taking measurements and looking at movement and posture.

    Whenever possible, we will aim to fit and handover the equipment that is right for the young person on the day of the clinic appointment. However, this is not always possible for more complex equipment.

    Usually, the young person will be able to trial equipment at the clinic appointment and/or we will fit and handover the chair that has been pre-ordered to take home on the day.  If we are ordering equipment following the full assessment, we will contact you to arrange a handover date as soon as the equipment becomes available.

    When you take the equipment home, our Mobility Therapist, a Mobility Engineer or one of our representatives will be at the delivery to ensure:

    - The equipment is complete and set up correctly
    - The young person and you are able to use the equipment safely and correctly
    - A handover certificate is completed
    - You have appropriate insurance and understand the equipment’s maintenance needs
    - You are aware of any additional services Whizz-Kidz provides, such as Wheelchair Skills Training and Youth Clubs

  • Step 6: What next?

    The young person enjoys their new equipment and independence!