Salsa M and Salsa Zippie

Like the looks?
4.0 stars
Easy to move?
4.0 stars
Easy to push?
3.5 stars
Easy to transport?
3.5 stars
Seat height
40 (or 43 with tilt) cm
Seat width
41 - 51 cm
Seat depth
41 - 51 cm
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The Quickie Salsa powered wheelchairs from Sunrise Medical are suitable for all ages. The Zippie is suitable for young children with adjustable frame to allow for growth. The Salsa M is suitable for older children through to adulthood and can also be configured as a rear wheel drive wheelchair. The Salsa can be used for indoor, outdoor and urban use. The mid-wheel drive configuration offers a small turning circle to making it suitable for smaller spaces. 

Current advice for use in transport is available from the manufacturers’ website.

Features of this wheelchair include:

  • Backrest recline.
  • Power seat lift and tilt.
  • Anti-pitch technology ensures safety on slopes.
  • Fully adjustable seating system that grows with your child.
  • Dual control and switching available as an option.