Seat height
45 cm
Seat width
26 - 38 cm
Seat depth
30 - 37 cm
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The Skippi from Ottobock is a powered wheelchair, suitable for children under 7 years old. It is appropriate for home, school and urban use. The seat and back rest are adjustable and a reclining backrest is available. The Skippi can be disassembled and transported in the boot of a compact car. 

Current advice for use in transport is available from the manufacturers’ website.

Features of this wheelchair include:

  • Tilt and riser.
  • Anti-tipper and bumper.
  • Low seat-to-floor height.
  • 8" solid front swivel wheels.
  • Height adjustable armrests with side panels.
  • Adjustable seating system with manual recline, off the shelf postural seating can also be fitted.