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The Imp is suitable for children from around 2.5 years and has a low gear ratio for easy pedalling. The trike has 12.1/2 inch wheels and smaller diameter handlebars for little hands and fingers.

Features of this trike include:

  • Single, plastic spoked, steerable front wheel.
  • Two plastic spoked, rear drive wheels.
  • Foot pedals.
  • Enclosed chain drive.
  • Pneumatic tyres.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar height.
  • Steering restrictor.

Further information about trikes and accessories can be found at theraplay.co.uk

All trikes funded by Whizz-Kidz  are available in a basic set up and can have additional accessories added to support stable sitting, stabilise the feet on the pedals and be ‘built’ to meet individual requirements.