Our Parents Network aims to help mums, dads and extended families find the support they need. Families have told us that searching for information can take a lot of time and be frustrating, so we have brought together some information that we think is useful in a bit of a virtual 'toolbox.'  

If you would like to contribute your suggestions contact us at: parents.network@whizz-kidz.org.uk or head over to the Whizz-Kidz Forum over on Mumsnet to continue the conversation!

Harchie's dad, Bob says:

‘From a parent's point of view you have to be proactive and assertive, don’t just wait for things to happen when dealing with the NHS and the services for your children. Be ready to ask for support. You have to make sure that they get what they need and in the case of my son I am the expert, I know what is best for him.

‘As parents, we will always have worries about a variety of things regarding our children. It is natural to feel stressed so it is important to have the right support I think. That support will mainly come through communicating any issues you have and working with others to ensure the best for your child.' 

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