There is a whole host of information out there about what your family may be entitled to, but sometimes it is hard to know where to start! We've pulled together some suggestions from families of young disabled people to help you out.  

Allowances if you have a disabled child

You may be entitled to benefits or allowances depending on you and your child's individual needs and circumstances. A few are outlined below.

Some of the benefits are means tested and others are based on the needs of your child. Be aware some require lengthy processing times. Read about the full benefits provided by the Government for having a disabled child and for disabled adults.

Useful links

  • The Money Advice Service - Money advice may come in handy if you want to speak to a money advisor phone 0300 500 5000.
  • National Debtline, England, Wales or Scotland Phone 0808 808 4000 or visit
  • Advice NI Debt action Northern Ireland Phone 0800 917 4607 or visit
  • Money advice Scotland - Phone 0141 572 0237 or visit
  • Step Change Debt Charity - Phone 0800 138 1111 or visit
  • AdviceUK - Member centres offer debt advice and specialist advice for minority communities and disabled people. Phone 0300 777 0107
  • Citizens Advice - are an organisation to keep in mind when researching benefits for disabled people. 
  • Financial Ombudsman Service - If you have a complaint that you cannot resolve with your lender the financial ombudsman may be able to help.