We want all disabled children's lives to be full of fun, friendship and freedom, but families have told us that sometimes activities can be too expensive. Parents have shared their advice below on how to have fun for free -or almost!  


Activities at home

  • Get creative

Have fun at home drawing, painting, sticking, crafting and sewing. The possibilities are endless! If you run out of ideas, people post videos on YouTube every day of interesting things to do and make which will give you fresh inspiration.  

  • Be a chef

Cooking together with your child can be a fun experience and will also develop their life skills.  Working together to achieve something, whether it's tasty or not, will develop your child's confidence and encourage them to focus and work towards a goal. Depending on what you like, you could try to bake a cake, a pie or even ice-lollies!

  • Play games

Playing games together is a good way to have some family time and create some friendly competition. You can play cards, board games, video games or even just have a karaoke competition!

  • Growing things

Why not grow an avocado plant and enjoy eating the fruits of your labour? Poke matchsticks into an avocado stone to balance it on a glass half filled with water, put it in a light place like a window sill, roots will appear followed by leaves - fun to watch every day!

Activities away from home

  • Explore your local area

Take a trip outside, explore the local area and introduce your child to basic geography. Point out where the local shops, houses, parks and transport are - you could visit the park often to get closer to nature.

  • Visit a museum

Many museums are free to attend and often have special events around the year. Visiting museums can be a fun way to learn about many different subjects, from history, science to art.

  • Whizz-Kidz Young People's Services 

We want to give every disabled child the opportunity to have a fun and active childhood, full of potential. Take a look at the range of young people's services we have on offer right on your doorstep. 

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