Whizz-Kidz has over 24 years of working with disabled youngsters and their families. During this time families have told us that sometimes they encounter prejudice. Parents have shared their insight into this below. 

Parents' views on dealing with prejudice:

  • Challenge perceptions 

​‘Because we don't fit in with what society sees as normal, I always felt that people saw my son’s chair before they actually saw him.’ - Anonymous. Sometimes people's prejudice comes from simply having no experience of disability. Celebrate your child and their individual talents and abilities to help challenge other people's perceptions.

  • Talk to someone

If receiving prejudice is affecting you or your child's daily lives, talk to someone! Talking to someone about the incident may help you discover solutions to the problems. Also mentioning the incident to people will help relieve any stress built up as a result. 

  • Keep evidence

If prejudice is leading to discrimination at places like schools and the workplace, keep a log and perhaps even evidence of what's going on. This can be through recordings, video, witness accounts or even just your personal diary outlining the details of the incident. Having evidence will be helpful when flagging up the issue to others.

  • Stay confident! 

Prejudice is something that people believe and what others cannot control, however this doesn't mean prejudice should be accepted! Take action where necessary, be confident of yourselves and don't let others words or actions put you down. 

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