In a recent consultation with parents, families of disabled children and young people told us that they often feel stressed and really value hearing how other parents cope. Here are some of their tips:

5 tips from parents on de-stressing: 

  • Take control

Stress can be overpowering at times but trying to take control can be a step forward. In our consultation, parents said that it's important to be confident in your efforts and empower yourself to find a solution to your stress. Sometimes you can do this through dealing with bite sized chunks rather than worrying about everything all at once. 

  • Be positive

Stress can cloud your judgement and mislead you into thinking about only the negatives, but there are many positives too! Through actively shifting your perspective, you will see situations in a more positive light and will reduce your stress. Always think optimistically about your problems; things may not be as bad they seem.

  • Share your worries

​'A problem shared is a problem halved' is not just a saying! Talking to someone about your worries and problems can help you. Whether it is with a friend, family, or even on the Whizz-Kidz Forum on Mumsnet, discussing things can help release the internal tension caused by stress and may lead to new solutions to your problems.

  • Be active

​We have some very active Whizz-Kidz families who said that taking part in physical activities can help return your body into a calmer state and reduce some of your stress. Take the opportunity to try a new sport! Even if you're not a sporty person, taking regular walks outside in the fresh air will help. Through regular exercise, not only will your body feel healthier and stronger physically, but also mentally. Keeping a clear mind is the best way to deal with stress.

  • Have a sleep!

Stress can be worsened if you don't get enough sleep. Aim to get a good night's sleep every day to allow you and your body to fully relax and recover from the day's activities. Families at Whizz-Kidz suggested reading a book, listening to music or even doing some yoga to unwind before bed. 

How to cope? Have a read below to see how other parents deal with stress and worry.

'Share with family members.'

'I used to swim a lot which helped in every way. I was able to release all these pent up frustrations and give myself some thinking time, plus it was pleasurable to do.'

'You have to make time for yourself to recharge the batteries.'

'Take deep breaths.

'Yoga and meditation.'

'Take each day as it comes, grasp every opportunity that presents itself for development of the child in any way.'

'Talking to other parents. Sharing advice. Networking with people in the same position.'

'I try not to look to the future too much and take it a day at a time. I've learnt not to fight his corner for everything and try just to do it for those things which are really important.'

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