We know that often the best advice comes from chatting to other families. Whizz-Kidz is passionate about bringing families together in an online and offline community so parents don't ever have to feel alone. 

This is the story of twelve year old Leon's mum Amanda. 

Amanda says:

'The powered wheelchair that Whizz-Kidz and its collaboration with the NHS provided Leon with, has given him a lot of independence. He can just go off and do things rather than having to be pushed around or asking me first - it's great for both of us. Whizz-Kidz has given Leon a sense of freedom which has also given me a chance to be independent. I can do things on my own knowing he is ok. This has all had a really big and positive impact on the rest of our family. 

'Because of the freedom Leon's wheelchair gives him, he is now able to take part in a number of activities: he attends Scouts, he swims, plays wheelchair football and recently took part in a Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training session. In the summer Leon went off with his friends to the park alone, which I haven’t been able to let him do before. I was really pleased to give him the opportunity to do this. Leon has the chance to be his own person thanks to Whizz-Kidz.'

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