We know that often the best advice comes from chatting to other families. Whizz-Kidz is passionate about bringing families together in an online and offline community so parents don't ever have to feel alone. 

Bob is dad to eight year old Harcharan, who has cerebral palsy and complex needs, which means getting the right chair to suit him both clinically and socially is paramount. In March 2014, Harchie received a powered wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz.

Bob says:

‘From a parent's point of view you have to be proactive and assertive, don’t just wait for things to happen when dealing with the NHS and the services for you children. Be ready to ask for support. You have to make sure that they get what they need and in the case of my son I am the expert, I know what is best for him.

Bob, father of Harcharan, at the clinic where his son received his Whizz-Kidz wheelchair (pic courtesy of Nottingham Post)‘As parents, we will always have worries about a variety of things regarding our children. Whether it is him getting from a to b or whether it is him growing up. But regardless of my worries I just want to make sure that Harchie is happy and that he has the right tools in place for him to fulfil his potential. It is natural to feel stressed so it is important to have the right support I think. That support will mainly come through communicating any issues you have and working with others to ensure the best for your child.

‘Whizz-Kidz has furthered Harchie’s confidence and the events that he has attended he has thoroughly enjoyed . Whizz-Kidz is very approachable for disabled children and they offer huge amounts of support for their families as a whole.’