We know that often the best advice comes from chatting to other families. Whizz-Kidz is passionate about bringing families together in an online and offline community so parents don't ever have to feel alone. 

Julie, from the Isle of Wight, is mum to two children with cerebral palsy; Christina and James.

James, 14, has recently received a new wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz – with funding from ITV’s Text Santa appeal.

She told us what a difference it has made to James, and subsequently the family.

‘I don’t know how to explain what life would be like without James’s chair. Before he got it, he had an old static chair that others would push him in. Imagine having to turn around and ask a carer where you want to be pushed. Because it had handles, when he was at school other people felt they could grab them and push James around when he didn’t want them to.

‘Life was just a bit boring for him, and he ‘felt disabled’. Since receiving his new powered wheelchair he’s not disabled anymore – he’s a person, he’s James in a chair.

‘He’s no angel and he’s not supposed to be; he’s 14! To James, his wheelchair is his ‘muddy boots’! He likes to play outside, and once he came to meet me at work – and the dried mud from his wheels melted in the warmth of my office. He left a pool of sludge on the floor!

‘He’s just been to Bestival in his new chair – with a great big glitterball attached to it! He wants to be so independent – and now thanks to Whizz-Kidz, he is!’

James said about his new equipment:

‘Thank you so much. You have given me my independence. My sister has her horses, and I have my wheelchair to go playing in the fields.’