Rian-James - Vice Chair of the Kidz Board and Scotland

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Hello! I'm 17 years old and represent Scotland on the Kidz Board. I currently attend the Glasgow Ambassadors Club, which I have a lot of fun at. My main goal is to help improve the services that Whizz-Kidz provide, not just in my region, but across the U.K.

I am really passionate about mental health, and I am part of a sub-group within the Kidz Board focusing on this issue. I also hope to meet more people that attend the clubs across  the U.K. This just the tip of the iceberg, as I hope to achieve many more things with the rest of the board. While I'm not busy with Whizz-Kidz or with school, I like to compose music and write songs. The instrument I play are the drums and I've actually written about 40-50 songs already!