More about the awards...

Ambassador of the Year Award

This award recognises Ambassadors for their outstanding commitment and contribution to Whizz-Kidz and the Kidz Unlimited project.

Judges were looking for:

  • How they contributed to their Ambassador Club and the Whizz-Kidz community and the difference it has made
  • The personal distance they have travelled since joining the Kidz Unlimited project
  • How they have gone the extra mile as a Whizz-Kidz Ambassador

Runners up: Cerys Giles and Delphine Wise. 

Campaigner of the Year Award

This award recognises Whizz-Kidz Ambassadors who have been empowered to initiate and develop their own campaigns regionally and also Ambassadors who have actively campaigned as individuals to help Whizz-Kidz achieve its core aims.

Judges were looking for:

  • The impact the campaign has had
  • Innovation
  • How a young person has inspired others to get involved
  • How the campaign has been sustained
  • How a young person has gone the extra mile to campaign

Runners up: Georgia Hamer and Nathan Giles.

Skills Achiever Award 

This award recognises young people who have taken on new skills learnt at a scheme, club, work placement or camp and have used them to dramatically improve and add value to their lives.

Judges were looking for:

  • Evidence of significant impact
  • Distance travelled before and after their new skills have been acquired
  • Any unexpected benefit

Runners up: David Lockley and David Peverill.

Ambassador Club of the Year Award

This award singles out an Ambassador Club which has made an outstanding contribution to both the Ambassadors, volunteers and trainers who attend, while also making an impact in the community.

Judges were looking for:

  • How they supported the Kidz Unlimited project over the last year
  • How members have supported and encouraged each other at their club
  • How club members been involved in regional fundraising and campaigning.
  • How club members have gone the extra mile or done something exceptional outside of the club days.

Runners up: Derry and Birmingham

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognises volunteers who have selflessly contributed their time, energy and skills to Whizz-Kidz. The Whizz-Kidz volunteering programme contains many opportunities including supporting Ambassador Clubs, Wheelchair Skills Training schemes, Fundraising, Campaigning and administrative roles. The quality of the services we deliver are transformed through volunteer support and this award recognises those who have been the most dedicated and committed.

Judges were looking for:

  • How they supported the Kidz Unlimited project over the last year
  • The experience, expertise or personal qualities they have brought to their volunteering role
  • How they impact on or inspire others they work with
  • How engaged they have become in other areas of the volunteering programme
  • How they go the extra mile to help Whizz-Kidz

Runners up: Samantha Banford and Remi Oderinde. 

The Kidz Board Inspirational Role Model Award

This award recognises outstanding contribution to the 'disability movement' celebrating the impact an individual or organisation has had to improve the lives of young disabled people.

Judges were be looking for:

  • Someone who has gone 'above and beyond'
  • The impact and influence their work has had
  • The legacy of their work
  • The changes that have occurred.