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Jane did a work placement through Whizz-Kidz two years ago and this experience encouraged her to write her first book which is now available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle.









Jane says:

‘Whizz-Kidz coordinated a work placement for me in the Music Department at Colchester Institute. I shadowed some of the teachers there which gave me an insight into how they deliver their lessons and how they approach their students.
‘Working at the college during my Whizz-Kidz work placement helped me learn how to talk to small groups as I am normally very shy. It has given me the confidence to teach music and wheelchair dance once I have completed my studies.
‘Watching all the students at Colchester Institute work towards their dreams made me realise I should accomplish mine and write a book. So now, two years since the work placement, I’ve written a book called ‘Lexi The Beginning Of A New World’ about a superhero, called Lexi, who has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. 
‘I started writing the book when I was in hospital recovering from a hip replacement and broken femur, I love watching superhero films and TV series, but I felt that there wasn't anything for young disabled people to relate to and look up to and that is when I created Lexi. I am really excited that the The Lexi Series​ is available to order on iBook and Amazon Kindle. 
‘I was inspired to write this book to encourage other disabled kids and also young people who are not disabled that we are just like them.’

Visit Jane's Facebook page for more information about ‘Lexi The Beginning Of A New World.’  

If you're a wheelchair user, aged 14-25 and want to experience the workplace, learn more about a career, gain useful contacts and improve your employability like Jane did, we’re here to support your ambitions. 

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