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I want to be a football commentator when I’m older and that’s why I went to my favourite football club MFC to do some work experience.

We started the day by meeting Diane O'Connell at MFC training headquarters, Rockliffe Park. We headed into the dressing rooms to meet the woman at the heart of the club, Holly the hamster.  Holly rolls around the whole of the training ground in her ball - occasionally she has been lost for up to an hour!

I went to see where the ‘player of the year award’ shield was displayed at reception and this year it was given to George Friend - I had my photo taken with the shield too!

After that we moved on to upstairs in which the coaches, Aitor Karanka, Craig Hignett and Leo Percovich's, offices are based. A lot of renovation work was being done on the offices so we couldn't sneak a look at Aitor's transfer targets…

After a while we went back down in the lift and had a look in the press room, which is where the interviews take place during the week. We then moved on to the physio room where Johnny Madden and Alex Potts showed us around the rest of the of the facility and explained and they had to be incredibly knowledgeable about the resources that the players use, which I found thoroughly interesting.

The second part of the day included going back to the Riverside to interview and have a chat with Alastair Brownlee, the BBC Tees commentator for all the MFC games.

Whilst Ali and I were talking, we discussed how he started his commentating career and how different things were when he first got offered his job.  He also gave me some tips for later on in life when I'm commentating and doing the same job. We then went on to talk and compare our views on the current Middlesbrough squad, and how well the team will do next season.  We also discussed our favourite MFC moment in the past and what we thought of the club’s new manager. As we compared our opinions I soon began to realise that both of our thoughts were pretty much the same.

Meeting and talking to Ali was brilliant! Just to see someone in the same profession that I want to be part of when I'm older, was really interesting and also very inspirational!

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