What’s the aim of the game?

  • To encourage young people to express what they think about an issue or their campaign through visual arts.

  • To develop creative campaigning skills.

What equipment do we need?

A large roll of paper.

Paint, paintbrushes, pens, pencils, glue, scraps of fabric, tin foil, sweet wrappers –anything to make a collage.

If using paint, something to protect the floor.

What do we do?

1. Decide on a topic or theme for the mural for example ‘we want to see more disabled people in the media.’

2. Encourage everyone to express their views on that topic by drawing pictures and images.

3. Keep it positive –think about what you would like to see changed (solutions), as well as the
problem itself.

4. Young people can work individually and stick all the pictures together on a wall in a collage, or have a very large piece of paper for everyone to gather around and work on together.

How much time will it take?

1 hour.

How can the activity be adapted and extended?

  • The mural could be an ongoing activity throughout the campaign.
  • You could add words and phrases to the mural.
  • The mural could be made into a campaign banner.

What roles can staff and volunteers play?

Above all else be enthusiastic, encourage everyone to take part and make sure everyone’s voice is listened to.

If needed, HCAs, staff and volunteer can help the young people to communicate their ideas, help the young people to move around the room and generally support young people to actively take part.

Click here to download the game as a PDF