Whizz-Kidz wheelchair skills trainer Mike runs a training scheme

What’s the aim of the game?

To encourage everyone to vote on which campaigning idea to pursue.

What equipment do we need?

What’s your opinion template.

How do we play it?

1. Fill in the ‘What’s your opinion’ template, with different campaign ideas that have been suggested by the group. For example one sheet will say: ‘Going to the cinema is difficult for wheelchair users.’ Another could say ‘Sport at school for disabled people is boring.’

2. Each young person is then invited to give their opinion on each issue by saying either verbally or by writing that they: strongly agree, agree, no opinion, disagree or strongly disagree.

3. Everyone’s responses should be recorded and the result announced to the group.

4. Once the results have been announced, the group can start planning their campaign.

How much time will it take?

This activity should last about 15 minutes, depending on the size of the group.

How can the activity be adapted and extended?

  • You could write each campaign idea on flip chart sheets, stick them up on the wall and then ask each young person to put a tick next to their opinion.
  • Instead of ‘strongly agree, agree’ etc you could use symbols such as ticks, crosses, smiley faces and sad faces.
  • This activity could lead into putting together a campaign plan.

What roles can staff and volunteers play?

  • Above all else be enthusiastic, encourage everyone to take part and make sure everyone’s voice is listened to.
  • In particular make sure that everyone who submits a campaigning idea is felt valued. 
  • If needed,  HCAs, staff and volunteer can help the young people to communicate their ideas,  help the young people to move around the room and generally support young people to actively take part.

You can download this game as a PDF.