What’s the aim of the game?

  •  To give everyone in the group an equal opportunity to speak.
  • To help mediate discussion when talking about campaign plans.

What equipment do we need?

  1.  Enough cotton buds or tokens for everyone to have 3 each.
  2.  Something to collect them in such as a jar or hat.
  3.  Flip chart and pen.

How do we play it?

1. Give everyone in the group 3 cotton buds (or oth-er tokens such as beads or marbles).

2. Start a discussion such as: what should we do to make our campaign a success? Or, what questions     should we ask in our accessibility audit survey?

3. Every time someone speaks (this could even include talking to a neighbour) they must give in a cotton bud. If someone doesn’t want to speak they can give a cotton bud to show that they agree with a point that was made.

4. Someone needs to take note of the ideas that are put forward on a flipchart.

How much time will it take?

This activity should last about 20 minutes, depending on the size of the group.

How can the activity be adapted and extended?

  • Instead of giving each person 3 cotton buds you could give them 1 and wait until everyone has had the chance to contribute before you begin an open discussion.
  •  Use sweets as tokens –each young person can eat a sweet after making a point!

What roles can staff and volunteers play?

Above all else be enthusiastic, encourage everyone to take part and make sure

everyone’s voice is listened to.

Someone needs to note down the ideas that are put forward and ensure that people give in their tokens when they speak.

If needed, HCAs, staff and volunteer can help the young people to communicate their ideas, help the young people to move around the room and generally support young people to actively take part.

Click here to download the game as a PDF