What’s the aim of the game?

  • To encourage the group to be explore their drama skills.

  • To help young people understand an issue by acting it out.

  • To encourage the group to think about things they might like to campaign about.

What equipment do we need?

Storyboard template.

How do we play it?

1. Explain to the group that they are going to act out a scenario which is: a toilet marked as accessible it far too small to use and not kept in a clean state for wheelchair users.

2. The group are also going to act out how they would react to this scenario which might be:

A) Stage a one person protest, refusing to allow access to the toilet until the local council sort it out.

B) Accept it

C) Take a photograph, if possible, for evidence and email your local councillor asking them to take action on it immediately.

How much time will it take?

This activity should last about an hour at the minimum.

How can the activity be adapted and extended?

This activity can be used to start a discussion about what the group would like to campaign on.

The group can be divided into two. One half act out the scenario and the other half act the response to the scenario.

What roles can staff and volunteers play?

Above all else be enthusiastic, encourage everyone to take part and make sure everyone’s voice is

listened to.

If needed, HCAs, staff and volunteer can help the young people to communicate their ideas, help the young people to move around the room and generally support young people to actively take part.

Click here to download the game as a PDF