What's the aim of the game?

  • To encourage young people to think about what matters to them.
  • To get the group warmed up ready for a campaigning session.
  • To get the group thinking about issues they would like to campaign about.

What equipment do we need?

Four signs which say: agree, disagree, not sure and not bothered.

A list of statements (mix of light hearted and campaign related statements) such as:

1. I like roast dinner.

2. One day I would like to be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

3. I support a football team.

4. I think social media is a force for good.

5. If I feel strongly about an issue I have the confidence to express it and do something about it.

You can download more examples of statements.

How do we play it?

1. Mark four sides of the room with a different sign (agree, disagree, not sure and not bothered).

2. Ask the group to listen to the statements being read out and move to the side of the room that reflects how they feel about it.

3. Encourage discussion about the statements being read out and ask people to explain why they agree, disagree, are not sure or not bothered.

How much time will it take?

This can be a quick game, 5-10 minutes depending on how many statements are read out.

How can the activity be extended?

  • Adding more statements.
  • Getting young people to take the role of ‘question/statement master’.
  • Asking young people to line up in order of who most agrees or disagrees etc. Using the statements to start a bigger discussion about things to campaign about.

You can download the game as a PDF.