Through our Child in a Chair in a Day innovation, 90% of disabled children we see are able to take their wheelchair home on the day of their assessment in routine cases.   

By delivering Child in a Chair in a Day, Whizz-Kidz makes an immediate and life changing difference to young disabled people, like William, and their families.

How we do it:

Whizz-Kidz achieves the Child in a Chair in a Day model by introducing initiatives that make the referral process faster and more efficient. This includes collecting data about each wheelchair user (by phone and email) before they are fitted for a chair and collecting information about their lifestyle in order to find the best fit chair for their lives. While clinical needs always come first, decisions are also based on each disabled young person’s social, environmental and lifestyle needs.

Why we do it:

As well as providing huge benefits to the children and families who receive a wheelchair in this way, there are also important benefits for our NHS partners who implement this innovation, including efficiency savings and better clinical outcomes. Whizz-Kidz encourages the NHS to adopt its model across the UK.

Our innovations, like Child in a Chair in a Day are held up as a beacon of best practice by leaders in the health service. 

Gabby's story 

This video shows Gabby receiving her wheelchair through our Child in a Chair in a Day innovation, and shows the immediate and life changing impact this has. 

Whizz-Kidz is determined to continue to drive innovation within wheelchair services so disabled children quickly receive the equipment they need to live full, active and free lives. Read more about our ‘Man in a Van’ innovation and our new mobile app

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