William is one of many children who has benefitted from our Child in a Chair in a Day innovation, meaning that he was able to take his wheelchair home on the day of his assessment.

Thelma, William’s mum said:

'When we learned that William’s condition would affect his growth, we were determined not to hold him back or wrap him up in cotton wool. He’s a real character and, like any other child, wanted to keep up with his older sister and his friends.

‘We applied for a chair from Whizz-Kidz and we were surprised how quickly things happened.

‘After chatting to our local Whizz-Kidz Mobility Therapist, we filled out a form about what we like to do as a family, William’s measurements and hobbies, and the nature of his condition. Whizz-Kidz turned up with just the right powered wheelchair for him and he was able to whizz around in it right away.'

Julia, Regional Head of Clinical Therapy at Whizz-Kidz said: 

'It is fundamental that the equipment Whizz-Kidz provides fits the lifestyle and requirements of each young person. We start with some background information so we can be sure to achieve Whizz-Kidz's aim of a Child in a Chair in a Day.

‘In William's case, it was particularly crucial for him to have a riser on his chair so he could raise himself up to be level with his peers in the playground. Also as William is quite young we needed a small chair  that is suitable for him.'

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